21 Nov. 2010

Something I love is .... Posters

Statement posters or prints seem to be all the rage at the moment. Who of us has NOT seen a copy of or an alternative to the 'Keep Calm and Carry on' prints? See my favourite and others at PosterPop

Now we see words everywhere, tram rolls, alphabet posters, Keep calm and (fill in the gap), quotes and lyrics.

For the young ones we find at iheartmodernart

and this delight from artandphilanthropy

Personalising the alphabet for the nursery at The PaperTray

Using lyrics to tell it how it is at The PaperTray

and here at theloveshop

A beatles inspired print at colorbee

and this piece

HungryArt has this sweet print inspired by the hit show Glee

PaperPaper has this play on the old eye chart

And inspirational?

Head to evajuliet for this little vintage styled piece
Think Pink? over at thebigharumph

And at MeganRene you can find this rainbow to inspire happiness and confidence in a new day

and this short but poingnant print

Some inspiring kitchen rules from HarperGrace

sunnychampagne has inspired me with this piece, the words, the bold use of black and white...
and the following piece which sums up a lot of what I love in life!

and the down right fun? over at iamdynamite

ohlousiedesigns has something for the wine lovers

TypePosters inspired by Alice?

Saying it how it is back at thebigharumph

and I shall leave you with this fine sentiment from rollandtumblepress

So, what's on your walls?

12 Nov. 2010

Something I love is....under stair storage!

Today I am loving understair storage. It envokes all sorts of Harry Potter, Hide-and-Seek, childhood cubbyhouse and Narnia type thoughts that make me all giddy and excited. Whether it be a space where one can hide, or a space where many things can be hidden, I love the idea and wish for my own such exciting space. Who wouldn't want a secret hidey hole that takes them to another world? Who wouldn't want to have a plethora of storage in the most amazing and quirky manner?

Linda over at Heartfire At Home has shown her love for something simple yet beautiful. Built in nooks for each member of the family in the foyer / entrance.

Mary at Room Polish shares with us this wonderful nook to waste away the hours.

Over at Paper dolls for boys we see a an understair space turned in to a a water closet.

Nicole has talked about using such a space for a kid friendly nook over at sillive with the image courtesy of Mark Lohman

11 Nov. 2010

Something I love is.... Epiphanie camera bags!

My husband recently asked me what I wished to receive for my birthday. A tough question!

I have so many things already and there really aren't many things I could want for that also fit in to our budget. Whilst asking around to see what others thought,I was given the idea of a handbag for my camera equipment. What a perfect idea! I already own a lowepro back pack and a snoot case for my camera but I am not happy with either option so a camera handbag is the ultimate solution, especially considering I am currently operating with no handbag. I looke around and I have fallen deeply, madly, stupidly in love with almost every bag stocked at Epiphanie

To give you a quick taste of the deliciousness that is Epiphanie look at these photos courtesty of beyond snapshots This little delight in the photos if the 'Lola'. Isn't she amazing?
Lola is on the left here - you can see all the room she has and what little tricks you can fit in there! On the right is Ephiphanie's 'Ginger'.

You can follow their blog here and their facebook here

And what have I decided you ask? So far I have decided on no less than two bags. Yes, two. I am going to ask my husband to purchase me one and my parents to purchase me the other. They have both different purposes and offer different things, therefore I feel it justified to have both. I am hoping to be the proud owner of the Belle and the Lola. Although they have recently added to their range with new bags and colours I am still in love with those two classic bags.

Just don't ask me what colours I've decided on. Because I am yet to!
Perhaps you can help me decide?

Something I love is......this blog!

So it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I have posted, but I have been thinking about digging this old bird up again and posting when I am able to find the time. So I may not be here everyday but I will attempt to again share those things that I love. So much fun, loving things you love you know?/ So today I will share just a few items - Something I love is.... Schmooks!! I follow this dear girl on facebook and was lucky enough to be able to have a few of her most amazing items in my posession! Such a talent and such a lovely girl! The Love Nest design was of course the one that pulled at my heart strings so not only did I grab myself this print: But also this gorgeous necklace: Whilst I love this style of necklace (long and bedazzled with beautiful charms/jewels) they don't suit my body shape so I am hoping to display this in my small ones room until she is old enough to wear it and treasure it.

12 Apr. 2009

Something I love is...

Something I love today is the Eiffel Tower.
I am not sure what has started this recent obsession, but I look for it everywhere!
I want earrings, necklaces, drawings, photos, decals, everything in this delightful structure!
Here are some of my current favourties!
How I love thee, let me count the ways!
A gorgeous print from onestepbeyond70
A mobile by spindesigns
Another great print from mariterecr
A cute ring from outofthedoor
And my own version...Something I am currently toying with, maybe a large print in our entrance way...

1 Feb. 2009

Something I love is...

Looking at my underwear on the clothes horse this morning resparked my love of everything nautical. I have just bought a million pairs of new underpants and one particular pair stands out to me and I can't wait to wear them. Simple blue and white stripes with red edging.
It has even inspired me to design a room for future male off-springs if one day we are ever blessed.
I even own a blue and white striped top that I love to pair with a red singlet underneath and spunky jeans!
Some stuff that just blows me away and makes me go..WOW
A boat for a bed from Rafter Tales
As well as the most darling mobile!
And Writing about the journey has also shared their version of a nautical nusery with the more traditional blues, reds and whites.
Kerri's big beautiful days shows the most sweetest nautical themed nursery. With palest of blues and sandy beiges it's just the cutest and most inviting nursery I've seen!
Cottage Living strikes again!
A more rustic, softer take on 'nautical' found at Mteriors looks so inviting. Somewhere you could go and waste away the hours reading and gazing out the windows.
Bright bedding in a white/light space work so well. So much 'punch' and sense of fun and frivolity! Thanks to the Landofnod !
For a softer version of nautical - look at Cottage Living I love the sign!
I love this blue wall, whilst not exclusively a nautical theme - with a few touches it could be perfect - Here
For someone who didn't enjoy sharing a room as a child, this appeals to me in so many ways! I love the alcoves, I love the brightness, the softness and the comfort that the theme proves in this room. Also found above.
Decor Village offers the mother load when it comes to shared spaces and nautical themes!
How beautiful is this coral chandelier found at Envisage ?
I love how fresh and bright this is! Country Living have inspired me again!
At My shoestring life this lovely little collection was put together, my favourite here is the red number 6 bag and the rope ball at the bottom!
How adorable are these bathers shown at Catwalk Queen
This outfit is soo adorable - I love everything about it, found at Jankesphere
At FashionPolice they showcased this last year, but I still love them all a year later!