1 Feb. 2009

Something I love is...

Looking at my underwear on the clothes horse this morning resparked my love of everything nautical. I have just bought a million pairs of new underpants and one particular pair stands out to me and I can't wait to wear them. Simple blue and white stripes with red edging.
It has even inspired me to design a room for future male off-springs if one day we are ever blessed.
I even own a blue and white striped top that I love to pair with a red singlet underneath and spunky jeans!
Some stuff that just blows me away and makes me go..WOW
A boat for a bed from Rafter Tales
As well as the most darling mobile!
And Writing about the journey has also shared their version of a nautical nusery with the more traditional blues, reds and whites.
Kerri's big beautiful days shows the most sweetest nautical themed nursery. With palest of blues and sandy beiges it's just the cutest and most inviting nursery I've seen!
Cottage Living strikes again!
A more rustic, softer take on 'nautical' found at Mteriors looks so inviting. Somewhere you could go and waste away the hours reading and gazing out the windows.
Bright bedding in a white/light space work so well. So much 'punch' and sense of fun and frivolity! Thanks to the Landofnod !
For a softer version of nautical - look at Cottage Living I love the sign!
I love this blue wall, whilst not exclusively a nautical theme - with a few touches it could be perfect - Here
For someone who didn't enjoy sharing a room as a child, this appeals to me in so many ways! I love the alcoves, I love the brightness, the softness and the comfort that the theme proves in this room. Also found above.
Decor Village offers the mother load when it comes to shared spaces and nautical themes!
How beautiful is this coral chandelier found at Envisage ?
I love how fresh and bright this is! Country Living have inspired me again!
At My shoestring life this lovely little collection was put together, my favourite here is the red number 6 bag and the rope ball at the bottom!
How adorable are these bathers shown at Catwalk Queen
This outfit is soo adorable - I love everything about it, found at Jankesphere
At FashionPolice they showcased this last year, but I still love them all a year later!

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