21 Nov. 2010

Something I love is .... Posters

Statement posters or prints seem to be all the rage at the moment. Who of us has NOT seen a copy of or an alternative to the 'Keep Calm and Carry on' prints? See my favourite and others at PosterPop

Now we see words everywhere, tram rolls, alphabet posters, Keep calm and (fill in the gap), quotes and lyrics.

For the young ones we find at iheartmodernart

and this delight from artandphilanthropy

Personalising the alphabet for the nursery at The PaperTray

Using lyrics to tell it how it is at The PaperTray

and here at theloveshop

A beatles inspired print at colorbee

and this piece

HungryArt has this sweet print inspired by the hit show Glee

PaperPaper has this play on the old eye chart

And inspirational?

Head to evajuliet for this little vintage styled piece
Think Pink? over at thebigharumph

And at MeganRene you can find this rainbow to inspire happiness and confidence in a new day

and this short but poingnant print

Some inspiring kitchen rules from HarperGrace

sunnychampagne has inspired me with this piece, the words, the bold use of black and white...
and the following piece which sums up a lot of what I love in life!

and the down right fun? over at iamdynamite

ohlousiedesigns has something for the wine lovers

TypePosters inspired by Alice?

Saying it how it is back at thebigharumph

and I shall leave you with this fine sentiment from rollandtumblepress

So, what's on your walls?

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