12 Nov. 2010

Something I love is....under stair storage!

Today I am loving understair storage. It envokes all sorts of Harry Potter, Hide-and-Seek, childhood cubbyhouse and Narnia type thoughts that make me all giddy and excited. Whether it be a space where one can hide, or a space where many things can be hidden, I love the idea and wish for my own such exciting space. Who wouldn't want a secret hidey hole that takes them to another world? Who wouldn't want to have a plethora of storage in the most amazing and quirky manner?

Linda over at Heartfire At Home has shown her love for something simple yet beautiful. Built in nooks for each member of the family in the foyer / entrance.

Mary at Room Polish shares with us this wonderful nook to waste away the hours.

Over at Paper dolls for boys we see a an understair space turned in to a a water closet.

Nicole has talked about using such a space for a kid friendly nook over at sillive with the image courtesy of Mark Lohman

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