11 Nov. 2010

Something I love is......this blog!

So it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I have posted, but I have been thinking about digging this old bird up again and posting when I am able to find the time. So I may not be here everyday but I will attempt to again share those things that I love. So much fun, loving things you love you know?/ So today I will share just a few items - Something I love is.... Schmooks!! I follow this dear girl on facebook and was lucky enough to be able to have a few of her most amazing items in my posession! Such a talent and such a lovely girl! The Love Nest design was of course the one that pulled at my heart strings so not only did I grab myself this print: But also this gorgeous necklace: Whilst I love this style of necklace (long and bedazzled with beautiful charms/jewels) they don't suit my body shape so I am hoping to display this in my small ones room until she is old enough to wear it and treasure it.


Leila said...

Oh that necklace is amazing - how pretty!

Bub said...

and even more divine in person if that is possible Leila!

Thank you for commenting <3