11 Nov. 2010

Something I love is.... Epiphanie camera bags!

My husband recently asked me what I wished to receive for my birthday. A tough question!

I have so many things already and there really aren't many things I could want for that also fit in to our budget. Whilst asking around to see what others thought,I was given the idea of a handbag for my camera equipment. What a perfect idea! I already own a lowepro back pack and a snoot case for my camera but I am not happy with either option so a camera handbag is the ultimate solution, especially considering I am currently operating with no handbag. I looke around and I have fallen deeply, madly, stupidly in love with almost every bag stocked at Epiphanie

To give you a quick taste of the deliciousness that is Epiphanie look at these photos courtesty of beyond snapshots This little delight in the photos if the 'Lola'. Isn't she amazing?
Lola is on the left here - you can see all the room she has and what little tricks you can fit in there! On the right is Ephiphanie's 'Ginger'.

You can follow their blog here and their facebook here

And what have I decided you ask? So far I have decided on no less than two bags. Yes, two. I am going to ask my husband to purchase me one and my parents to purchase me the other. They have both different purposes and offer different things, therefore I feel it justified to have both. I am hoping to be the proud owner of the Belle and the Lola. Although they have recently added to their range with new bags and colours I am still in love with those two classic bags.

Just don't ask me what colours I've decided on. Because I am yet to!
Perhaps you can help me decide?

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