12 Apr. 2009

Something I love is...

Something I love today is the Eiffel Tower.
I am not sure what has started this recent obsession, but I look for it everywhere!
I want earrings, necklaces, drawings, photos, decals, everything in this delightful structure!
Here are some of my current favourties!
How I love thee, let me count the ways!
A gorgeous print from onestepbeyond70
A mobile by spindesigns
Another great print from mariterecr
A cute ring from outofthedoor
And my own version...Something I am currently toying with, maybe a large print in our entrance way...


Phuong Anh * said...

Hi 'something i love'.. i just dropped to visit your page today. and im very interested in the way you love things everyday, each day has a different color..iloveit. also, the Eiffel is worth being an obsession, isnt it ? :)

Amy said...

hi, i like your blog! keep blogging!